Investor FAQs

Shares of Organigram Holdings Inc. are traded on the TSX and on the NASDAQ Global Select Exchange under the ticker symbol OGI.

Shares of Organigram Holdings Inc. cannot be purchased directly from the Company.  You can contact a broker dealer for assistance re: purchasing shares.  

If you are a registered stockholder and have questions regarding your holdings or if there are account changes to be made to the account (mailing address, account name, shareholder documentation requests), please contact Organigram’s transfer agent:

TSX Trust Company
Toll Free: 1 866 600-5869
Email:tmxeinvestorservices [at]

If you own shares through a brokerage account, contact the broker who is responsible for your account. 

Current share data can be found at

Organigram’s head office is located at 145 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1J8. We also have an office and indoor facility located at 35 English Drive Moncton, New Brunswick E1E 3X3.

Organigram’s fiscal year ends September 30. The quarters are Q1 (December 31), Q2 (March 31), Q3 (June 30).

They can also be found in the “Financial Reports” area of our website. These documents are also available under our corporate profile at Sedar+ and EDGAR.

Insider share ownership information is available on the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (“SEDI”) at

Organigram does not distribute analyst reports on the Company. If you would like to access analyst research, please contact the brokerage houses themselves. (See “Analyst Coverage” in the Investors section) 

Please refer to the FAQ or investors [at] (contact us)title="investors [at]".